SOON 2022




It all started when Joel Quisenberry got a home brew kit for Christmas as a gag gift back in 2015. He started using the kit and instantly fell in love with the process and the science of brewing beer.  He started doing research, bought different books on brewing, became a member of the American Home Brewer’s Association and joined a local home brew club in Southern California.  The backyard shed was soon turned into a “brew shed”, hops were planted in the planter and a wide range of beers were produced.  There were really good beers produced and some not so good, but, like with everything, practice makes perfect! And there was a lot of practice, with beers being brewed almost every 2 weeks or so.


The idea for a family brewery started to come about a few years after that home brew kit was gifted. At the time it was just an idea and was placed on the back burner due to different life events (having children, moving, graduating college, starting new careers).  We all (Joel, Patty, Danielle, Samantha, Rebecca, and Mike) did not live in the same state (spread out between California, Arizona and Hawaii), so the timing was just not right to start a business.


Fast forward to 2020. We are now all living in the great state of Arizona and due to Covid-19, we are given the gift of time to start working on the dream of opening a family brewery.  We got together to discuss one of the most important things, the name!  After discussing for a little bit, White Elephant Brewing Company was mentioned.  We all look around the table and instantly say “that name describes our family to a T”.  With all our different personalities and what we bring to the business, it is something of a “White Elephant”. Grab a pint and become part of the White Elephant Brewing Company family!

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